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The selling of memories

What an afternoon. I have spent a couple of hours going through my old vinyl LPs, with a view to selling them tomorrow. I haven’t had a deck for at least 15 years and they’re taking up space. They may be worthless and I’ll get just a few pennies each for them (I’d be happy with 30p a disc) but they have to go.

The problem is that a lot of these hold a memory for me. The first LP I bought with my own money (T.Rex Live in Concert) or a birthday present from my late mother (Elgar’s Enigma Variations – not selling that) and I have found myself keeping a few more than I originally intended.

Then there are the ones that should be worth money, but aren’t. What am I going to do with Polish language heavy metal LPs, made with vinyl that looks like it came from a recycled pair of wellington boots? I hope there are some Polish rock fans on eBay this week.

I’ll take the risk. 😉