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The Builder Chronicles (Vol 567 Part 9)

The building work has moved on more rapidly than expected.

MONDAY – The guys came to remove all the old kitchen units at 8:30am. By 9:30, they had finished and gone again! I got up early for an hour’s disruption … In the afternoon, the electricians came to assess the work they needed to do, then started „chopping out“ the old electrical circuit. With electric cutters that made a lovely mess of everything.

TUESDAY – Electricians spent the whole day rewiring, which meant my floor was pulled up again. I hate it. Every time the floorboards come up, they fit less well when they’re put back.

WEDNESDAY – Finishing off work for the electricians, a really amateurish bit of plastering and delivery of the new kitchen units. This is moving a bit quicker than expected. They must be rushing the job and cocking it up. Sure enough, the timer on the heating decided to stop working properly, remaining constantly on instead of switching off in the evening. My floor was making a very odd vibrating noise, until I switched off the boiler. Great.

THURSDAY – Still the heating is not perfect. All the timers look to have been set properly, but something’s up. I decided to reset all the times and it appears to have cured things. So far … All day long, the kitchen units were being fitted. They look really nice, now they’re in though.

FRIDAY – Amateur hour. Tile fitting that took all day and doesn’t look great. No grout fixed so far and the workman was a bit stupid. He went to fetch something without telling anyone and left the back door and gate wide open. Anyone could have walked in and we would never have known. When he left at night, he never told us. Just left the job and, again, didn’t shut the back door properly.

So far it’s been pretty painless. It can’t last!

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