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Builder update (Concluding chapter, I hope)

After weeks of disruption, all of the kitchen and heating work has been finished. Almost. All that needs to be done now is a replacement tile, for one that’s cracked and a reglue of one floor tile. And one radiator pipe needs to be fixed properly to the wall.

That’s it! After the job was finally completed, the customer care officer came to get a signature and comments on the work, then she went out to the car to bring in a gift pack. Quite why they gave these out is a slight mystery to me, but it contained the following treasures:

A bookmark (wow),
a pen (there were two – bonus!),
a small tin of nuclear strength mints,
four handmade chocolates in a box,
a box of shortbread biscuits,
presentation carrier bag.

I was so excited I nearly cried. (Ok I’m lying.) 😉

Here’s a shot of the tea area, just to give an idea of the units. All nicely cluttered up after half a day and featuring an Old Fart mug. I have no idea what that white thing under the worktop is for by the way.

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  • Christof 24. November 2005, 19:36, 19:36

    Tim – shortly after tasting the first mint …

  • Brige 24. November 2005, 22:07, 22:07

    I’d like a cuppa.

  • xirah 24. November 2005, 22:49, 22:49

    Tim, you really must complain, I think, they cheated on you and didn’t even bother to hide the hole in the white thing! Maybe you can try and hang an Arsenal shirt in front to make it look better 😉

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