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Only six days until Christmas and I haven’t done a single bit of present shopping yet. I have a big food shop to do before Friday, presents to buy and a few other jobs to take care of before the big day. Which isn’t very big at all thesedays, when December feels like August!

To add to my woes, I realised that Arsenal are on tv this Wednesday and also on Boxing Day (26th) so pre-Christmas will be spoiled by another defeat, this time in the Carling Cup against Doncaster, and then post-Christmas will see another away misery against Charlton.

Can we fast forward to next August please? Stop the season! I want to get off!

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  • xirah 20. Dezember 2005, 08:02, 8:02

    Fast forward to August is a way too far, but 9th of June would be fine 🙂