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Weeks ago I had ants in the living room. Nippon (ant killer) seemed to work for a couple of days, then they’d come back, then a couple of days off again … so I found the hole in the skirting and filled it. No more ants.

We move on to last week … I’m sitting at the PC when I feel tickling on my legs and, guess what? ANTS. I killed them, but there weren’t too many, so I didn’t think much of it until Thursday, when I got up to find ants all over the desk, keyboard and monitor. I had to pull out my desk, take the PC to bits to move it all and try to find the hole where they’re getting in. Found it and filled it. Problem solved.

Oh no it isn’t!

This morning. I’m sitting in the living room, having a cup of tea, when I see a long line of ants, doing that Tom and Jerry thing towards the small bin I have in the living room. Dozens of them. The original hole has had the filler eaten away and they’re all heading for the banana peel in the bin. After a quick death squad operation, involving a hand-held vaccuum and splatting as many as I can, I’m lying on the floor filling the bloody hole again. Then I feel a sharp nip or ten on my arm and I’m under attack!

After filling the hole I go to deal with the bin. HUNDREDS of the things are in the bottom of the bin, under the liner. I dealt with those by filling the bin with hot water – revenge is mine. Teach you to go biting me! – and now I’m just waiting for their next move.

I hate to kill anything, but ants are the exception. I tried to be nice, by stopping with the Nippon and blocking the hole, and all it got me was more hassle.

I didn’t have to wait long for the next move …

Went for a bath this evening with everything ok. Came back downstairs, there was an ant on the curtain when I went to close them. Looked on the side near the fruitbowl, ants. Lifted the fruitbowl and more ants. Got a torch and found ants on the skirting behind the computer, which I’d pulled out previously. Pulled it all out again, pulled the carpet up, more ants. More filler into the skirting and, having long hair, I got loads in the hair as well. No such thing as scientific application when a finger will do!

I filled as many gappy looking areas as possible, sweated like hell and got so much filler in my hair I needed to wash it again, so I had another bath while I was at it.

Came down afterwards to find two ants on the newly filled area. Right. Half a can of fly killer later and I am ant free. Until the morning.

Council pest control can deal with these pests, and I don’t care if they use Kryptonite, as long as they eradicate the problem!

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