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Halloween weirdness

Last night, just before half time in the football, I thought I heard someone in my kitchen. It couldn’t be possible, as all my doors are locked early every night and it wasn’t the dog, because she was asleep in front of the fire. And she hadn’t moved.

I thought perhaps something had fallen into the sink, or a plate had slipped in the cupboard thanks to not being stacked properly, so I went to make sure. I found nothing. No sign of anybody in there, obviously, and no sign that any plate, cup, saucer or anything else had been disturbed.

As I turned to leave the kitchen, I noticed that the digital display on the microwave was not showing the time, as it should be. Instead, the message that reads PLEASE OPEN DOOR was scrolling across, in the same way it does when the timer has just finished. I walked across the room to open the door … my finger pressed the button and the door popped open to reveal …


I have no idea how or why that happened, but it was very strange. Almost as strange as seeing Ashley Cole celebrating a goal with Didier Drogba later that night. 🙁

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